Permanent Jewelry FAQ

Silver Permanent Jewelry Chains

Q. What is Permanent Jewelry?
A. Permanent Jewelry is a custom-fit, hand-welded, jewelry that has no clasp. They make perfect friendship bracelets, bridesmaid's gifts, sister-sister bracelets or mother-daughter bracelets. Create a one of a kind piece that captures your unique style and personality.

Q. What type of chains are used for Permanent Jewelry?
A. Gold, Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled and Sterling Silver are our most popular chains used. We also use Stainless Steel as a low cost, seasonal option.

Q. Is it really permanent?
A. Yes, it is permanent, but not indestructible. A reasonable amount of care is necessary to preserve the life of your jewelry. If you need to remove, use a good pair of scissors or wire cutters and cut at the weld point. You can save the chain and have it re-welded at a later time.

Q. Does it hurt to get permanent jewelry?
A. There is no pain while getting your permanent jewelry. There is a quick zap to the jump ring and that doesn't touch your skin. We provide a protection layer between your skin and where we are welding the jewelry.

Q. How long does it take to get my permanent jewelry?
A. It literally takes a split second to get zapped! It takes more time to pick out your chain, lol.

Q. What happens if it breaks?
A. In rare instances, if your chain breaks please hold on to it and we will re-weld at our studio or next pop up at no additional charge.

Q. Can I bring in my own chain?
A. Yes you can, however LBM Jewelry assumes no responsibility for the quality of chain. There is a $30 weld fee to weld a chain that isn't ours.

Q. Can we book a private party?
A. Of course! Feel free to reach us at with date and details.